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EditReady 2.6 – 64bit, Ursa G2, speed, security

This version of EditReady removes Apple’s legacy QuickTime framework in order to make the app fully 64bit. This will remove warning dialogs that periodically appeared when launching EditReady. All legacy codecs natively supported by quicktime will continue to be supported

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EditReady, ScopeBox and ClipWrap macOS 10.14 Mojave support

On September 24th, Apple released macOS 10.14 Mojave. We wanted to write a quick blog post outlining Mojave support in divergent media apps, and our plans going forward. We have extensively tested EditReady, ScopeBox, and ClipWrap; and can confirm all

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“App not optimized” alerts

Divergent Media’s 64-bit transition plans Beginning April 12th, users will see the following alert the first time they launch ScopeBox or ClipWrap on macOS 10.13.4. We are aware of the alert and want to discuss what it means, and how

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Calling a Wrap on ClipWrap

This Tuesday, Jun 28th 2016, will be the last day we offer ClipWrap for sale in our store. Anyone interested in ClipWrap should look at our newer application, EditReady.

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ClipWrap leaving the Mac App Store

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EditReady, ScopeBox, and ClipWrap are ready for OS X 10.11 (“El Capitan”)

This week, we’ve released updates to EditReady, ScopeBox, and ClipWrap to add support for the newest version of Mac OS X, 10.11 (“El Capitan”). El Capitan is likely to be released this Fall, and we’re excited to be ready for

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Announcing EditReady 1.2 with AVCHD and HDV support

We released EditReady 8 months ago and have been working quickly to add support for additional camera formats. Today we’re happy to announce the release of EditReady 1.2 with support for MPEG transport stream media. This update brings all the functionality of our industry leading ClipWrap application to EditReady. Not only can you transcode and rewrap AVCHD and HDV content now, but you get all the other features you’ve come to enjoy – previews, thumbnails, full metadata editing, and custom naming.

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Announcing ClipWrap 2.6.5

We’re happy to announce ClipWrap 2.6.5, which contains a variety of fixes and enhancements and is recommended for all users. We’ve changed the labeling for our “optimize for” dropdown – keep in mind that iMovie version names are a little confusing. The newest iMovie release is 10.0, which actually comes after iMovie ’11 (and iMovie 08, 09, etc). If you’re not sure which version of iMovie you have, check the “about” box, under the iMovie menu inside iMovie.

  • File creation dates are now readable by Adobe Lightroom
  • Improved audio sync for AVCHD and HDV files
  • Better handling of 3/2 audio layouts
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Adds support for iMovie 10.0 and reorganizes “optimize for” dropdown.


Announcing ClipWrap 2.6.4

ClipWrap 2.6.4 is an exciting update and is recommended for all users. This version adds the ability to assign a reel name to a batch of clips. This reel name will be passed to various NLEs (Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X) and will be prepended to the clip filenames. To enable this functionality, check the “Show Advanced Settings” box within the ClipWrap Preferences.

This version will also alert you if ClipWrap detects problematic QuickTime codecs installed on your Mac. For more information on this functionality, visit our Codec Support page.

A full list of changes is available below:

  • Ability to set reel name
  • ClipWrap now embeds metadata for Final Cut Pro X
  • Support for PSF rewraps in Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X
  • Add support for framerate conversion to command line interface
  • Stability improvements for Mac Pros running 10.6.8
  • Detect conflicting codecs on launch


Mavericks support in ClipWrap and ScopeBox

Apple’s newest OS, Mavericks, is slated to be released soon and ClipWrap and ScopeBox are ready for the big day. We’ve been testing extensively with the new OS since it was announced in June. The existing versions of ClipWrap and ScopeBox support Mavericks, there is nothing you will need to do to after installing Mavericks.

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