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Calling a Wrap on ClipWrap


ClipWrap is being discontinued

This Tuesday, Jun 28th 2016, will be the last day we offer ClipWrap for sale in our store. Anyone interested in ClipWrap should look at our newer application, EditReady. EditReady will rewrap or transcode all the formats supported by ClipWrap, plus QuickTime MOV, MP4, and MXF files. It is, for most users, 300% faster at transcoding, leveraging builtin hardware accelerated encode and decode and OpenCL color transforms. EditReady adds thumbnails, video preview, and metadata editing; supports scaling and retiming; baking in LUTs; and empty audio track removal. All of this is available for the same $49.99 price of ClipWrap.

All users should purchase EditReady going forward

The existence of two applications was always meant to be a transitional phase. The codebase of ClipWrap relies heavily on Apple’s QuickTime API, which is being phased out by Apple. We began EditReady with the goal of making a modern workflow tool that could leverage modern hardware and APIs, but that work was slow and involved. At the same time, ClipWrap users were constantly requesting support for additional formats. We made the choice to target new formats first – instead of spending months creating and testing an app that added little new functionality, we wrote the foundation of a modern transcoding app while at the same time focusing on new features commonly requested by existing users. Once we had a wide cross section of camera support, and a rock solid base to build on, we ported our AVCHD and HDV parsing code to EditReady.

One minor drawback to our modern codebase is that we can only support users on OS X 10.8.5 and beyond. Over the past year we’ve monitored usage and we think demand for 10.6 – 10.7 support has finally cooled enough to no longer warrant the confusion of selling both products. It’s time to make a clean break and drive all users toward purchasing EditReady with all the benefits mentioned above. We encourage users on 10.6 – 10.7 or anyone else with concerns to contact us.

ClipWrap users will continue to receive support. The application will continue to be available for download. Existing users can upgrade to EditReady for $29.95 to get all the great new features mentioned above.

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