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Monthly Archives: March 2012

How do I get a signal into my laptop?

We often hear from folks who are eager to try ScopeBox, but aren’t sure how to get their signal into their computer. This post is going to focus on mobile users – if you’re looking to use ScopeBox in the field, this is the place to start.


ClipWrap iMovie ’11 Secrets

With the recent release of ClipWrap 2.4.8, we’ve included some secret functionality for folks using ClipWrap with iMovie ’11. It’s experimental at this point, but allows for some pretty cool workflows. Read on for details.


ClipWrap 2.4.8 update

We released ClipWrap 2.4.8 today.

Improvements include:

  • Fixes bug in AF-100 timecode
  • Short clips have smaller filesizes
  • Better support for very long (multi-span) clips
  • Updated manual

You can grab it from our Trial page or via in app autoupdate.


ScopeBox 3 Now Shipping!

Today, March 6th, we launched the single largest update to ScopeBox since it’s original release in 2007. ScopeBox 3 is the culmination of years of work and customer feedback. Rather than repeating all the new features here, I’ll refer you to the updated ScopeBox page. Please look around, watch the quick tour, and download the trial. We hope you find all that’s new in ScopeBox 3.0 as exciting as we do.

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