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Upgrade to EditReady 2

All the features of ClipWrap and so much more!

  • Rewraps and transcodes HDV and AVCHD like ClipWrap
  • Also supports QuickTime and MXF input
  • Transcodes to QuickTime, OP1a and OPAtom MXF
  • Preview your video and see thumbnails
  • Custom file naming
  • LUTs, frame resizing, and framerate conforms
  • Custom text, image and metadata overlays
  • Edit and assign metadata
  • Up to 3 times faster

If you'd like to learn more about EditReady, check out our introductory videos or download a free trial.

Conversion Time (shorter is better)

Upgrade now

As a ClipWrap user, you can upgrade to EditReady for just $29.95. Just enter your ClipWrap key below to begin the upgrade process. If you purchased ClipWrap from the Mac App Store, or have a site license or multiple copies, contact us directly for upgrade details.

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