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Mavericks support in ClipWrap and ScopeBox

Apple’s newest OS, Mavericks, is slated to be released soon and ClipWrap and ScopeBox are ready for the big day. We’ve been testing extensively with the new OS since it was announced in June. The existing versions of ClipWrap and ScopeBox support Mavericks, there is nothing you will need to do to after installing Mavericks.

As always, you should check with the developers of your other video applications before upgrading, and its prudent to wait until you are between productions, or have a few free hours to diagnose any problems that do occur.

We’ve made the switch full time to the new OS, and it’s a nice improvement. It costs nothing, and updating via the App store is easier than ever. So when you have a bit of downtime, and you’re sure your required apps are all supported, take the plunge. The water’s fine.

Just to reiterate, ClipWrap and ScopeBox fully support mavericks, OSX 10.9

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