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Waveform monitor showing live trace of video signal


All the scopes you'd expect from hardware, and many many more. A custom toolset crafted for creative professionals - colorists, editors, and shooters. You can mix and match scopes, save layouts, and be confident that you're seeing every pixel and every frame of your signal.

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Preview palette recreates all features of a production monitor including realtime aspect ratio masking


ScopeBox gives you a high quality, flexible preview monitor. You get all the features you'd expect to find on a high-end field monitor. With false color and feature insights, you get the most powerful toolset available for quantitative viewing. Add framing guides and overlays to make sure that your shot works out exactly the way you expect.

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ScopeLink allows you to feed video directly from many popular applications directly to ScopeBox. Whether you're working in editing and compositing applications like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, or After Effects; DIT tools like Prelude, Silverstack, or LiveGrade; or color grading software like Davinci Resolve or Assimilate Scratch; you can use the same professional scopes.

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New in ScopeBox 4!

Tons of new features, including...

Cleaner UI

A modern interface for a more civilized age.

TimeTrace Palettes

See changes in luminance, color and contrast over time.

HDR and Wide Color

Updated graticles for st2084; P3, rec2020, anc rec2100 color science.

CIE Palette

Confirm gamut ranges for multiple primaries.

Better Movie Support

Monitor mov, mp4, MXF, BRAW, AVCHD and HDV.

Feature Insights

Quickly find any trace region in another palette.

Still Store

Save image stills for comparison and overlay.

Palette Overlays

See two traces superimposed for super fast matching and comparison.

User Target Colors

Set targets anywhere by simply choosing a color.

False Color Previews

Preview overlays for quick exposure adjustment.

New Device Support

Support for UVC devices like the AJA U-Tap, Epiphan, and more.

Use your exisiting hardware

Turn your older Mac Mini into a dedicated scope system, or take your scopes on the go with a Macbook, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro.

SD, HD, 2K, 4K

From SD to 4K, if you can feed the signal into your Mac, ScopeBox will monitor it.

8bit, 10bit, YCbCr, RGB

Scopes can be used far more accurately when they work in the same format as the rest of your production pipeline.


With the ability to save layouts and source settings, you can easily create a "turnkey" scope station, which launches directly into your preferred configuration.


When combined with an inexpensive Thunderbolt, or USB capture device, ScopeBox turns your Mac laptop into the ultimate portable quality analysis solution.


Hardware scopes cost tens of thousands of dollars. By leveraging the power of the computer you already own, we’re able to sell ScopeBox for much less.