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ScopeBox 4.1.2

We continue to get great feedback on the new timeline and alert features that shipped in ScopeBox 4.1, and we’re working to quickly roll in your feature requests and bug fixes. As always, ScopeBox updates are available via in app


ScopeBox and EditReady Acquired by Hedge

  I’m excited to announce that EditReady and ScopeBox have been acquired by Hedge, becoming part of their amazing collection of video production software. In addition, Colin and I will be joining the team to continue development on both apps,

EditReady General ScopeBox

EditReady 2.7 – Apple Silicon support

We released EditReady 2.7 today with native support for the Apple Silicon m1 architecture, as well as improved support for macOS Big Sur. It recommended for all EditReady 2 users. Users can update via in app auto update, or by


EditReady 2.6.4 released

We released EditReady 2.6.4 today with improved support for macOS 10.15 Catalina. It recommended for all EditReady 2 users. Users can update via in app auto update, or by downloading a copy from our trial page. Changes in EditReady 2.6.4:


Upgrading to Catalina: Tips for Video Pros

Apple has just released macOS 10.15, “Catalina”. Big OS upgrades always present a bit of a dilemma for folks in the video industry. New versions of macOS bring lots of exciting updates, better performance, and new features. But they can


Getting ready for macOS Catalina

Apple recently announced macOS Catalina, the latest version of their desktop operating system. It’ll be available for everyone this fall, but they’ve made a beta available for users who want to experiment. One of the big changes in macOS Catalina

Behind the Scenes EditReady General ScopeBox

ScopeBox 3.5.6 released – adds Premiere 2019 ScopeLink support

We’re happy to announce the release of ScopeBox 3.5.6 today, featuring the addition of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 as a supported ScopeLink sources. Full change list below: Adds Premier Pro CC 2019 ScopeLink source. Fixes bug that could cause


EditReady, ScopeBox and ClipWrap macOS 10.14 Mojave support

On September 24th, Apple released macOS 10.14 Mojave. We wanted to write a quick blog post outlining Mojave support in divergent media apps, and our plans going forward. We have extensively tested EditReady, ScopeBox, and ClipWrap; and can confirm all

ClipWrap EditReady General ScopeBox

EditReady 2.1.6 Released

EditReady 2.1.6 is an important update with a number of enhancements and fixes. It is recommended for all users. Adds select all menuitem Fixes audio glitches in some frame rate conversions Fixes bug populating output dimensions in computed filename for


Apple’s HEVC support

When you record a video on your phone or stream a movie from the web, you’re almost certainly dealing with a video compressed using the H.264 codec. The same group that brought you H.264, the MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group)