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ScopeBox 4.1.2

We continue to get great feedback on the new timeline and alert features that shipped in ScopeBox 4.1, and we’re working to quickly roll in your feature requests and bug fixes.

As always, ScopeBox updates are available via in app auto update and by downloading from our trial page.

Full change list:

  • Adds AJA device support on Apple Silicon
  • Fixed quantization errors in PQ linearization math (improves accuracy of CIE plot for pq sources)
  • Adds HLG transfer function support
  • Fixes bug that rendered all palettes selected at launch
  • Adds status to toolbar, shows video pipeline compilation state
  • Adds overlay for alerts in timeline view
  • Adds option to toggle envelopes in timeline tracks
  • Adds option to set overlay scale for timeline tracks
  • Adds intensity slider for timeline tracks
  • Fixes bug that would cause timeline playhead to render at wrong position at first launch
  • Adds parsing of audio channel layout metadata (displayed in timeline track labels)
  • Adds estimated time to timeline generation
  • Fixes hang in timeline when alert thresholds are edited mid timeline creation