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ScopeBox and EditReady Acquired by Hedge


I’m excited to announce that EditReady and ScopeBox have been acquired by Hedge, becoming part of their amazing collection of video production software. In addition, Colin and I will be joining the team to continue development on both apps, as well as looking for ways to make the suite even more powerful and seamless.

I retired from video editing 15 years ago to begin development on ScopeBox (check out this dated website!), and it’s been a wild ride ever since. In that time, we’ve seen the rise and fall of competitors; spun an in house test harness into the immensely popular ClipWrap; rode the transition from AVCHD to DSLRs, professional tapeless workflows, and RAW with EditReady; and even made a short lived javascript video delivery codec (anyone remember Phosphor?). 

In that same time, the market has matured and workflows have changed. I’ve relocated from New York to Minneapolis and finally San Francisco. I’ve gotten married and had 3 kids. The pandemic highlighted how over-dependent the products are on my time and resources, and I began considering ways to improve their viability over the next 15 years. My soul searching quickly led to a conversation with Paul at Hedge. Hedge has always stood out as an amazing team of like minded people. Their clean and powerful apps and personal, responsive support are exactly what we’ve strived to achieve. As we began discussing ways we might work together, it quickly became obvious I should join the team and roll EditReady and ScopeBox into Hedge’s offerings.

The potential for both apps is larger than ever, and the added resources of Hedge will allow me to focus on what is most important – creating tools that simplify users’ workflows and allow video professionals to focus on the artistry of telling great stories. Together we have big plans for EditReady and ScopeBox and how they can grow as stand alone apps while also benefiting from and strengthening the Hedge and Postlab workflows.

How will this affect customers?

Nothing changes today. The applications will continue to be maintained and improved.  Your current serials will continue to work. The next time your ScopeBox subscription renews, it will most likely come from a hedge.video email address. In the coming months we will transition our customer support, websites, and other infrastructure to Hedge. After this initial integration phase, European users will see improved in-time-zone support. And best of all, we’ll be able to focus on getting great new features into your hands faster. I’m excited for what the future holds!


Read more at hedge.video



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