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ScopeBox 4.1.1

We’ve gotten great feedback on the new timeline and alert features that shipped in ScopeBox 4.1, and we’re working to quickly roll in your feature requests and bug fixes.

As always, ScopeBox updates are available via in app auto update and by downloading from our trial page.

Full change list:

  • NDI source updated to v5
  • Fixed bug which blocked AJA devices from being discoverable
  • Adds HDMI audio support for AJA devices
  • Fixed crash saving stills on corrupt source
  • Adds tooltip to image galleries to show path to file on disk (Thanks Uli!)
  • Now saves alert settings between launches
  • Fixed crash using alerts on RGB sources
  • Adds color label to alerts (reflected in alert list and timeline)
  • Added option to scroll timeline with playhead (Thanks Ayaz!)
  • Adds ability to scroll timeline by when dragging playhead to edge
  • Fixed bug which caused some movies to render the first audio track in all waveforms (Thanks Juan!)
  • Speed up timeline generation
  • Allows custom thresholds for Loudness alerts
  • Timeline shortcuts activated more consistently (Thanks Tony!)
  • JKL playback controls always active with movie source (Thanks Tony!)
  • Fixed bug recalling full screen layouts on secondary monitors