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“App not optimized” alerts

Divergent Media’s 64-bit transition plans

Beginning April 12th, users will see the following alert the first time they launch ScopeBox or ClipWrap on macOS 10.13.4. We are aware of the alert and want to discuss what it means, and how we are addressing the underlying issues.

The alert is meant to warn users of an upcoming change to macOS that requires developer attention. Apple is transitioning Mac hardware and software from 32-bit to 64-bit technology. The primary benefit of 64-bit applications is access to more memory. With the release of macOS 10.14, 32-bit apps may no longer run on updated machines. The removal of 32-bit support hits video applications especially hard because Apple has chosen not to modernize all their technologies, and many QuickTime features need to be rewritten, independently implemented / licensed, or dropped in 64-bit.

This has been a multiyear process that Divergent Media has been actively planning for. Here’s how the 64-bit transition affects Divergent Media’s applications:


Good news! EditReady was designed from the start to be 64-bit. We do utilize 32-bit frameworks for legacy video formats, but have sequestered them in a background process. We are still waiting for guidance from Apple if this functionality will disappear at the same time as 32-bit app support, but have a roadmap in place to address this as we learn more.


ClipWrap has been replaced by EditReady, and will not be updated. Part of the motivation for EditReady’s design was to prepare for this eventuality. In addition to 64-bit support, EditReady offers support for many more cameras, and xoffers tons of additional features such as previewing, LUTs, metadata editing and much more. Existing ClipWrap users can read more about the advantages of EditReady (and how to purchase the crossgrade at a discount) at our upgrade page. ClipWrap users who have not upgraded to EditReady because they are running older versions of macOS will not be affected, as this transition is only occurring in future macOS versions. If and when you update your system to macOS 10.14 or beyond, you will need to upgrade to EditReady.


Scopebox relies heavily on 32-bit frameworks, and the transition to 64-bit has required a total rewrite of the application. This process is well underway. Luckily we’ve been able to leverage much of the work modernizing our video pipeline for EditReady, and we’re committed to releasing ScopeBox 4.0 before the macOS 10.14 release later this year. This total rewrite brings tons of other benefits too, and we’re excited to start sharing them in the coming months.

More info about this transition can be found on Apple’s support page.

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