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EditReady 2.6 – 64bit, Ursa G2, speed, security

This version of EditReady removes Apple’s legacy QuickTime framework in order to make the app fully 64bit. This will remove warning dialogs that periodically appeared when launching EditReady. All legacy codecs natively supported by quicktime will continue to be supported by our FFmpeg fallback pipeline. If you had installed 3rd party codecs to support additional formats, and you find they no longer work in 2.6, please contact us at support@divergentmedia.com.

The upgrade is free for all EditReady 2.0 customers. It can be found via in-app auto update, or on the EditReady trial page. Still a ClipWrap customer? Now is a great time to crossgrade to EditReady.

Full change log:

  • removes 32bit QuickTime pipeline
  • works in macOS 10.15 Catalina
  • increased speed for some transcodes
  • notarized app for better security
  • fixed bug that caused failed clips to not draw warning in thumb view
  • adds support for BRAW files from the Ursa G2
  • better handling of BRAW files with GPS
  • fixes span parsing for GoPro Hero7
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