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ScopeBox Setups – Jason Bowdach

Today we get a tour of the finishing suite of Jason Bowdach, a colorist and finishing artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He started the post production facility, Cinetic Studios, which focuses on end-to-end color & finishing for feature film,

ScopeBox ScopeBox Setups

Pomfort Silverstack 5.1 added to list of ScopeLink sources.

ScopeBox & Silverstack With the release of Pomfort’s Silverstack 5.1, users can now view their video content in ScopeBox using ScopeLink. Similar to a external output, ScopeLink is activated from the Silverstack preferences. Then simply launch ScopeBox and choose Pomfort


EditReady and ScopeBox integrated at last

Today we shipped EditReady 1.4 and ScopeBox 3.5. The major feature of both is addition of ScopeLink integration between the two applications. What is ScopeLink? ScopeLink is a technology we introduced a few years ago allowing ScopeBox to see (and

EditReady ScopeBox

ScopeBox 3.5 released

ScopeBox 3.5 was released today, adding support for new Scopelink sources. EditReady as a ScopeLink source. Pomfort Silverstack as a ScopeLink source. It is a free upgrade, recommended for all ScopeBox users. Download a trial today, or upgrade in app.


EditReady, ScopeBox, and ClipWrap are ready for OS X 10.11 (“El Capitan”)

This week, we’ve released updates to EditReady, ScopeBox, and ClipWrap to add support for the newest version of Mac OS X, 10.11 (“El Capitan”). El Capitan is likely to be released this Fall, and we’re excited to be ready for

ClipWrap EditReady General ScopeBox

Announcing ScopeBox 3.4.1

ScopeBox 3.4.1 resolves minor issues and enhances the appearance of ScopeBox when running on Mac OS X Yosemite. If you haven’t tried ScopeBox yet, download the free trial today.

  • Corrects issue with display of mV scale on waveform
  • QuickTime movies now update scopes even when paused
  • Better handling of Quartz Composer Plugins with 4:3 sources
  • Better default values for ScopeLink during initial install
  • Updated interface for Yosemite
  • Improved stability when running many simultaneous records
  • Miscellaneous fixes

This update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X 10.7 and later. As of ScopeBox 3.4.1, we will no longer be supporting Mac OS X 10.6 with new releases. However, if you’re running Mac OS X 10.6, you may continue to run 3.4.0 and we will continue to provide technical support for that release.


ScopeBox and Adobe CC 2014

Since we introduced ScopeLink in 2013, our users have come to love the simple integration with ScopeBox it provides for apps from Adobe, Apple and others. Adobe CC 2014 is a big update to the Creative Cloud suite, so we wanted to let our ScopeLink users know what to expect.


Announcing ScopeBox 3.3.6

ScopeBox 3.3.6 simplifies the use of Blackmagic Design input devices, adds support for Adobe SpeedGrade via ScopeLink, and resolves various issues.

  • Fixes cases in which layout recall fails
  • Adds settings for video and audio inputs and PSF settings for Blackmagic Design devices
  • Improved LUT parsing
  • Adds ScopeLink support for Adobe SpeedGrade

It’s available from our trial page or via in app autoupdate.


Announcing ScopeBox 3.3.4

We released ScopeBox 3.3.4 which adds a variety of features and corrects some issues and is recommended for all users. Full details are below.

  • Adds keyboard shortcuts for layouts
  • Ability to manage layouts
  • Automatic format detect on supported Blackmagic Design devices
  • Support for Blackmagic Design 4K inputs
  • Support for new releases of Adobe After Effects CC in ScopeLink
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

It’s available from our trial page or via in app autoupdate.


Announcing ScopeBox 3.3.3

We’ve released a minor update to ScopeBox with fixes for LUTs and OS X 10.9 Mavericks.