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ScopeBox 4.0.4 released

We’ve shipped a new update to Scopebox 4, focusing on improvements for low end GPUs (including the integrated gpus in older mac minis). Users can update via in app auto update, or by downloading a copy from our trial page.

Changes in ScopeBox 4.0.4:

  • adds keyboard shortcut to solo palettes (thanks Robbie & Barend!)
  • speeds up YCbCr <-> RGB colorpsace conversions
  • speeds up GPU code, should fix mouse stuttering on mac minis
  • speeds up lag changing scope settings
  • fixes crash enabling envelopes on color & chroma filtered waveforms
  • fixes crash enabling filter overlays with colorized scopes
  • fixes a number of cases that trigged video pipeline rebuilding
  • speeds up waveform chroma filtering
  • simplifies Hue Vector grats (thanks Tobias!)
  • speeds up Channel Plot, especially on systems with eGPUs (thanks Robbie & Joey!)
  • redesigned Channel Plot to show legal traces larger (thanks Adrian!)
  • fixes color on 1080/720p HDMI RGB sources with AJA devices
  • AJA device errors now reported in UI
  • fixes many crashes