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ScopeBox 4.0.5 released

ScopeBox 4.0.5 addresses performance issues that can lead some user’s systems to lag behind live, as well as numerous stability and usability improvements. It is recommended for all users. Users can update via in app auto update, or by downloading a copy from our trial page.

Changes in ScopeBox 4.0.5:

  • fixes crash using feature insights in vectorscope
  • opening movie source now populates open recent menu
  • fixes crashes loading corrupt movies
  • adds support for transparent overlay images (thanks Dan!)
  • fixes crashes loading small / non standard sized overlay images
  • fixes visual glitches using scopelink source still stores as scope overlays (thanks richard!)
  • fixes crashes dragging non-images into image gallery
  • adds check for metal support at launch
  • optimizes performance when palettes are covered by other palettes (common when soloing palettes)
  • optimizes performance of sidebar source image computation
  • optimizes performance when more than one of same scope active
  • optimizes memory usage of blackmagic sources
  • adds menuitem to hide toolbar in full screen (thanks Barend, Tobias, and Mark!)
  • fixes bug that caused vec targets to move when in auto colorspace and overlay image used
  • fixes overlay slider to control opacity
  • fixes crashes setting empty values in some sidebar fields (aspect, mask etc)
  • fixes crash in parades/waveform with envelopes enabled
  • vectorscope hue vector grats no longer scale line width during resize (thanks Tobias!)
  • fixes possible rounding errors in rgb transform
  • fixes crash enabling LUT in image adjustments