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ScopeBox 4.0.3 released

We’ve shipped a new update to Scopebox 4, with improved colorspace conversions, graticule improvements, and better AJA device support. Users can update via in app auto update, or by downloading a copy from our trial page.

Changes in ScopeBox 4.0.3:

  • Adds back RGB transfer function support on RGB Parades, Histograms and TimeTrace
  • Fixes rendering of CIE plots
  • Fixes popup button rendering on macOS Catalina
  • Adds black and white lines to 8bit and 10bit grats
  • Matrix, Transform and Transfer function overrides saved with source
  • Fixes errors saving source with empty sourcename
  • Adds digital 7:3 mV grat in addition to NTSC 10:4 grats
  • Fixes drawing artifacts when moving Scopebox window from retina to non-retina screen
  • Whitelists Adobe CC 2020 hosts for scopelink
  • AJA devices can now be properly saved as sources
  • AJA devices support codec selection
  • Fixes bug with multiple trial badges showing on toolbar
  • Many bug fixes and improved stability