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ScopeBox 4 missing features

When we first shipped ScopeBox over 10 years ago, the market was drastically different – FireWire cameras, PowerPC macs, and color correction suites outside of the price range of most creators. At the time, we were mostly targeting shooters, working in the field with a laptop and a DV camera. Over the years the industry has changed, and we have found a niche as creative scopes to help visual artists craft an image. With the introduction of ScopeBox 4 we’ve doubled down on that vision for the application. But in addition to all the great new features we’ve added, we’ve also removed some things we don’t feel serve our target market.

The biggest feature removed in ScopeBox 4 is our direct to disk recorder. Scopebox has a new still store designed to quickly grab reference stills, but the capability to record movies is gone.

We have also removed some shooting tools from our preview such as focus assist, and we’ve replaced chroma and luma zebras with our much more flexible Feature Insights functionality.

Realtime alerts have been temporarily removed, but will be reintroduced with an improved interface in 4.1, along with some great new visualization functionality for working with prerecorded movies.

As always, we are receptive to your feedback. If you use these features and want to see them re-introduced in the future, please get in touch. We value your feedback.