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ScopeBox 4 roadmap

Now that we’ve released ScopeBox 4, it’s time to regroup and look toward the months ahead. The biggest advantage of our new pricing model is that we no longer need to bundle bug fixes and features into monolithic releases, and we are already planning a number of small and large updates in the near future.

Our first concern is addressing any issues we discover in the next few days as users transition to version 4 with hardware configurations and workflows we haven’t tested in house. We’ll be releasing minor bugfix versions whenever we find and fix these problems.

Next we know we have some work to do tuning the app to better utilize GPUs at both the high end (eGPUs), and low end (integrated graphics). Some users may find that Scopebox 4 currently runs slower than a similar configuration of ScopeBox 3 on the same hardware… bringing ScopeBox 4 to parity is a major priority.

There are also a few features that had to be pulled from ScopeBox 4 in order to make our release date. These include real time alert monitoring and an all new TimeTrace based movie timeline. We’re super excited to get both of these to users in a 4.1 update as soon as they are ready to share. We also have extensive updates to our AJA device support in process, and hope to validate additional devices as we receive test units. Please let us know what hardware you’d most like to see supported.