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NAB 2012

Spring is in the air – the days are growing longer, and the inbox is full of announcements from video companies. It all can mean only one thing, NAB is around the corner. We’re excited to be attending and exhibiting at NAB2012, all signs point to it being a great year. We’ll be in south lower (Booth SL14010) showing off the newest versions of ScopeBox and ClipWrap.

The other day on our podcast, we discussed what we thought the big trends will be this year. I think 2012 is going to be the year of the large sensor. ScopeBox allows you to scope any video signal that your capture card/device supports. So ScopeBox when combined with AJA’s Kona3G card is the industry’s first 4K scope. Keep that in mind while you’re ogling all the new 4K cameras on display this year. If you haven’t checked out Scopebox 3, stop by and let us give you a tour… there’s lots of new things to like:

  • now scopes in 8bit/10bit YUV/RGB all native
  • works with large frame sizes – including 4K
  • fail safe capture means you’ll never loose a shot due to hardware or software failures
  • transcoding on the fly to production codecs like ProRes, DNxHD, and others
  • timecode alerts and envelopes for accurate legality checking

We’ll also be showing ClipWrap 2.5 which included a ton of user requests, including:

  • dead simple clip retiming UI
  • multiple concurrent rewrap/transcode batches

Please stop by and see what we’ve been doing this last year. If you’re already a customer stop by and say hi! We’re in south lower, booth SL14010.


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