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ClipWrap 2.4.4 update

We’ve released ClipWrap 2.4.4 today with a number of improvements. The biggest addition you’ll see is parsing of AVCHD metadata such GPS location, and camera settings such as aperture and shutter speed. All the metadata we find is seamlessly placed into the resulting QuickTime movie so you can retrieve it at any time downstream in your workflow.

Other improvements include:
* Automatic detection of Canon pF25 and pF30 formats – resulting movies are tagged progressive
* Better support for DNxHD transcodes
* Better support for bad corrupt disk recorder files
* Better error reporting when destination disk is filled
* Improved support for PAL DV and DV-Anamorphic transcoding
* Better support for FCPX audio codecs

As always, you can download the newest version from the trial page, or autoupdate from within your existing copy of ClipWrap.