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Announcing ScopeBox 3.2

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of ScopeBox 3.2. ScopeBox 3.2 adds new LUT functionality, better startup experience, and a brand new vectorscope graticule.

The biggest change in ScopeBox 3.2 is the availability of a new type of vectorscope graticule called “hue vectors,” developed in conjunction with colorist Alexis Hurkman. He explains the goals for the new graticle, “I’ve long been dissatisfied with the bare-bones nature of traditional HD Vectorscope graticules. While spare graticules certainly have the benefit of not being distracting, I’ve wanted a better references to help in the creative evaluation and comparison of traces from different shots. In designing the Hue Vectors Graticule, I’ve attempted to present clean, uncluttered hue angle guidance that’s useful for evaluating traces at a variety of different intensities of saturation, while retaining the useful guideposts we’ve come to rely on from previous design.”

You can read more about the design of the Hue Vector grats on Alexis’ blog post.

ScopeBox 3.2 also includes the following enhancements:

  • Ability to set default source and default layout, which are loaded automatically on launch
  • Support for 33x33x33 LUTs
  • Enhanced LUT loading support for wider compatibility
  • Automatically reloads LUT when LUT file is modified on disk
  • Improvements to the clip list view
  • Improvements to layout and source saving and recall
  • Video overlay orientation fixes

ScopeBox 3.2 is free for all current users. It can be downloaded from our trial page or via autoupdate.