divergent media

Announcing Phosphor, a new way to bring animation and video to the web.

Today we’re pleased to announce our new application, Phosphor, available for immediate sale. Phosphor is a new method to embed animation and video content in your website. Starting with the video track of a standard QuickTime file, Phosphor creates cross platform, web-standards compliant assets which can be played on desktop and mobile devices without plugins or even video decoding capabilities. As long as a browser supports Javascript and the ability to show images, it can display Phosphor content.

Check out out some sample Phosphor content on the products homepage and gallery.

We’re targeting Phosphor towards web designers and developers who need to display animated logos, screen captures, demonstrations, and more on the web. Unlike other options for motion on the web, Phosphor supports full alpha transparency and high resolution color. Unlike video options, it can be played in the page on all devices and can be scripted to auto play. Phosphor opens your QuickTime movies and generates a set of standard HTML, JavaScript and image assets which can be embedded in a website. It’s no more difficult than adding videos, images or flash your website, but far more powerful. Helpful samples show you exactly what to do. For the more tech-savvy user, a powerful open-sourced framework can be extended to add interactivity and dynamic control.

This project represents a number of firsts for divergent media. This will be our first app distributed exclusively in the Mac App Store. Also, we’ve open sourced the javascript player framework and hosted the files on a public github repo. You can check in out on github. We’re hoping that users come up with new and innovative uses for Phosphor compositions, which in turn can help us drive future developments of the application.

Phosphor can be purchased for $9.99 in the Mac App Store.

We’re looking forward to your feedback. Let us know what you think by dropping us an email at support@divergentmedia.com.