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ScopeBox 4.0.7 released

ScopeBox 4.0.7 took a bit longer than we hoped to release. I wanted to apologize for the delay, I had a family emergency which is largely behind me now. The hope is that development will return to a faster velocity going forward. That said, we’re excited to get this release into your hands and start work on 4.0.8.

4.0.7 contains a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, and is recommended for all users. The update also adds preliminary NDI source support. While this is still a work in progress, we know a lot of workflows have changed this year, and wanted to get the feature into user’s hands early to get feedback. Users can update via in app auto update, or by downloading a copy from our trial page.

ScopeBox 4.0.7 changes:

  • Adds preliminary NDI source support
  • Now supports resizing palettes from all edges and corners (thanks Marc!)
  • Improved snap to grid layout
  • Properly stores zoom black setting in saved layouts (thanks Marc!)
  • Automatically saves captured stills to disk
  • Fixed bug limiting RGB and 10bit ScopeLink support from Final Cut Pro X
  • Fixed performance issue with autoformat sources in Blackmagic Desktop Video 11.6 and later
  • Fixes crash with RGB parade when using OFX ScopeLink source
  • Improved support for playback of DNxHQX media (thanks David!)