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MacOS Big Sur support for ScopeBox and EditReady

On November 12th, Apple shipped macOS Big Sur, the latest version of their desktop operating system.

We’re happy to report both EditReady and ScopeBox have been tested on macOS Big Sur and are fully supported. If you’re a ScopeBox user, be sure you update the drivers for any hardware like Blackmagic or AJA capture cards.

We always recommend being cautious when updating your operating system, particularly on Macs that are critical to production. While initial reports are positive, we would avoid macOS Big Sur on any computers that you rely on day-to-day. Apple traditionally releases a point (x.1) update shortly after release that fixes the most painful bugs, at which point it is generally safe for users to begin updating production systems. As always, wait until you are between projects, or able to afford a day of downtime in the event any issues arise. Confirm all your must-have software is supported before making the switch. We’ve written transition guides for previous versions of macOS that can serve as a blueprint for how to upgrade to macOS Big Sur.

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