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Scopebox 2.1 released today

Hello everyone,

We just released v2.1 of ScopeBox as a free upgrade. It includes a swath of bug fixes and minor improvements, including:

  • Movie sources now playback/ monitor all audio tracks unmixed
  • Can now set preview volume on Movie sources
  • Improved recorded m2t files compatibility with other apps (including ClipWrap)
  • Fixed bug with overlays (zebras, etc) on some graphics cards
  • Improved HDV format support
  • Improved QuickTime recorder performance / sync

If you have 2.0 and are connected to the internet, it should auto update next time you launch. If you wish to manually d/l, you can do so here. Thanks again to everyone who reported bugs or feature requests. We hope to speed up the rate at which we release upgrades in the future.