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Beta Apple Silicon support in ScopeBox and EditReady


We’re excited to announce public betas of both EditReady and ScopeBox with native support for Apple Silicon (M1) based macs, available today.

In June of last year, Apple announced an ambitious plan to transition their computers away from Intel processors to a new chip designed in house at Apple. Called Apple Silicon, the chips are based on the ARM instruction set already shipping in billions of iPhones and iPads. The first three machines with the architecture began shipping in November, and early adopter reviews have been glowing. We’ve been testing with prerelease, and now shipping hardware, and are very impressed with the performance of the new machines.

We’re releasing both apps in public beta while we collect your feedback and wait for 3rd party partners to finalize M1 support for their components. If you are running Apple Silicon based hardware, please download the trials and give them a try. As always, you can reach us with your feedback on our support page.


ScopeBox 4.1b known issues:

  • no NDI input support Added in 4.1b3
  • no AJA iput support
  • ScopeLink output only works in 3rd party hosts running in Rosetta 2 Added in 4.1b3

You can download ScopeBox here:
https://www.divergentmedia.com/filedownload/ScopeBox 4.1b

Current customers with an active serial will be able to run the app. We may push updates to the beta from time to time via in app autoupgrade. Please make sure that and crash reporting are activated in your preferences.


There are no known issues related to M1 support in EditReady 2.7b1

You can download EditReady here:
https://www.divergentmedia.com/filedownload/EditReady 2.7b

Current customers with an 2.x serial will be able to run the app. We may push updates to the beta from time to time over in app autoupgrade.

EditReady ScopeBox