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ClipWrap: The Fastest and Easiest Solution for AVCHD and HDV Media

  • Easily rewrap HDV (m2t) and AVCHD (mts, m2ts) files into QuickTime movies
  • Faster than transcoding
  • No generation loss
  • Support for all the popular editing formats (ProRes, DNxHD, etc) and non-linear editors (Final Cut Pro, FCPX, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie)

No Confusing Settings

ClipWrap automatically determines the format your footage was shot in, so you don't have to wade through confusing settings. Whether you're rewrapping or transcoding to one of ClipWrap's many professional editing formats, there's nothing for you to set. ClipWrap will make sure your new files looks as close to the original as possible in your new format.

Amazing Speed.

Rewraps don't alter the underlying video, so ClipWrap is the fastest way to convert HDV (m2t) and AVCHD (mts, m2ts) files into a standard QuickTime enclosure. You can start using your media right away.

Rewraps - doesn't transcode

ClipWrap rewraps the video samples from your existing m2t, mts, m2ts files without re-encoding them. This means blazingly fast convert speeds and no image degradation.

Transcodes too!

Need your files in ProRes, AIC, DNxHD or DVCProHD? ClipWrap can seamlessly convert your files. Don't worry about frame size changes, gamma shifts, or any of the other problems resulting from mismatched settings - ClipWrap chooses all those based on the source file's format.

Works with FCP, FCPX, Premiere and Avid

Whether you’re working in Final Cut Pro, FCPX, Avid or Premiere, ClipWrap has a workflow for you. And ClipWrap QuickTime files work with thousands of other quicktime-supporting apps as well.

Full timecode support

Timecode is recreated in the new QuickTime movie, so you can recapture from tape later if necessary.

Supports HDV and AVCHD formats

Now you're not limited to specific HDV or AVCHD cameras, you can rest assured your files will be compatible with your editor when it comes time to edit.

Rich metadata support

ClipWrap parses most of the metadata recorded by your camera and recreates it in the QuickTime output so that your editing application can find it later.

Free Download

Download a free limited trial of ClipWrap and try it out with your own m2t and mts files.

You'll be able to convert the first minute of each clip in your batch. If you are happy, you can purchase a code to unlock ClipWrap for full use. If you need help installing, visit our installation instructions. You may also view or download the user manual.

ClipWrap 2.7.3Download Now

ClipWrap 2.7.3 adds support for Mac OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan")

ClipWrap 2.7.3 (5.0 mb)

Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher. For legacy versions of Mac OS X, see below.

Legacy Support

PowerPC Customers
If you're using a PowerPC Macintosh, or an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5, we've got a version of ClipWrap just for you. You can download 2.5.2 here
ClipWrap Version 1 Customers
The HDV-only version of ClipWrap (1.1.1) can be downloaded here

In our day to day support, we get a lot of common questions about ClipWrap. We've listed some of the more common ones here. If you have a question about ClipWrap, there's a good chance you'll find your answer here or in the extensive user manual. If not, please contact us directly, and we'll be happy to help.

Using ClipWrap

How do I purchase ClipWrap?
ClipWrap is available directly from our website. We have a section of this FAQ dedicated to understanding the similarities and differences between the options.
What is AVCHD? What are all these .m2ts / .mts / BDMV folders etc?
Please checkout this page - Understanding AVCHD.
What is HDV? Why can't my Mac playback .m2t files?
Please checkout this page - Understanding HDV.
Does ClipWrap support my camera?
We have worked hard prior to releasing ClipWrap to test with as many HDV, AVCHD, and AVCLite camera files as possible. We've created a list of the cameras we actively test with. As long as your camera conforms to the HDV, AVCHD, or AVCHD lite specification, it should work great. We also encourage you to download our free trial to try for yourself. And of course, if you find a format ClipWrap doesn't support, please let us know, we're eager to fix any problems users might encounter.
Why do I need to have FCP installed?
You no longer do! ClipWrap used to require FCP's HDV codecs to re-encode the audio contained in the m2t, but we now ship with our own mpeg codecs - thanks to the wonderful opensource Perian project, so FCP is no longer required to use ClipWrap. Please note, you'll still need one of the "Pro Apps" (Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, etc) installed if you wish to transcode into one of the ProRes formats, as that encoder is not available separately.
Will it work with iMovie, Final Cut Express or Avid?
ClipWrap 1.1 adds transcoding support which will allow you to convert your m2t files into a format these applications can open.
Aren't there free alternatives?
Yes and No. There are free alternatives to ClipWrap that will transcode your footage but there is no other product on the market that will re-wrap your m2t files into a QuickTime compatible container, with no image loss and at a blazingly fast speed.
Will this work with files recorded to P2 or SxS media?
ClipWrap does not support files recorded to P2 or Sxs media. These file types are natively supported in Final Cut Pro.
Do you support the Panasonic GH1?
Yes. As of ClipWrap 2.4 we are able to support the GH1 and GH2 cameras.
Are there any compatibility issues with JVC 720P cameras?
By working closely with JVC, we have been able to ensure compatibility with all formats recorded by JVC HDV cameras.
Will it work with TOD files?
Yes, as of ClipWrap 2.0 we support TOD files.
What about support for AVCHD?
ClipWrap 2.0 adds support for transcoding and rewrapping AVCHD. Please test your specific camera's files to ensure compatibility.
What about large file support or spanned clips?
ClipWrap supports large files that have been split due to file size limitations, which is common with harddisk recorders or AVCHD cameras. If you have footage that has been split, ClipWrap automatically detects these spanned clips and will recombine them into a single seamless QuickTime movie.
How long does it take to re-wrap a file?
While wrapping a file, ClipWrap doesn't alter the video data in any way and the speed of conversion is nearly as fast as a file copy. On the other hand, transcoding of your m2t files may take longer based on your destination file type.
Does ClipWrap maintain the original timecode?
Yes. The original video data of the camera acquired clip remains intact. ClipWrap simply places this video data within a QuickTime container so it can be read natively in any QuickTime-compatible application.
Does ClipWrap transcode the footage?
Not by default. In addition to re-wrapping, ClipWrap 1.1 now also supports transcoding. You can transcode your HDV footage into Apple ProRes, Apple Intermediate Codec, DVCProHD, or Avid's DNxHD. You can also down convert to DV.
Can I playback ClipWrap movies in Windows applications?
You can use ClipWrap to transcode those files to ProRes or Avid DNxHD. Both have Windows playback codecs that can be d/l for free and installed:


To playback HDV rewrapped files, you'll need to purchase an HDV codec from Calibrated:
Why do my rewrapped HDV movies have no video?
If your rewrapped movie play back only audio with a black video frame, there are a few possible reasons. If your source files were HDV (.m2t) then you most likely are missing a HDV playback codec. You can HDV codec support by installing Final Cut Studio, or the Qmaster render node that comes with your FCS install DVD.

If you don't have Final Cut Studio, you can try either of these 3rd party HDV codecs:
Why do my rewrapped AVCHD movies have no video/ stutter/ look funny?
AVCHD cameras are constantly evolving with new products entering the market monthly. The possibility of unsupported cameras and computer configurations is unavoidable. That said, we've encountered a few issues enough times to document them here.

Some rewrapped clips are playing back with stuttering or smearing video when users have Perian or avc1Decoder.component installed on their system. Try uninstalling all third party AVC or h264 playback components.

Some users with newer laptops supporting hardware accelerated h264 playback have problems with black frames or stuttering of some clips in Apple's QuickTime Player 10. Try playing back the same clip in another QuickTime application such as QTPlayer 7.

Purchasing ClipWrap

Do I need EditReady or ClipWrap?

EditReady supports all of the formats that ClipWrap supports, plus all the modern formats like MOV, MXF, and MP4. If you've got Mac OS X 10.8 or later, EditReady is all you need. We continue to support and maintain ClipWrap for users with older versions of Mac OS X. If you've got AVCHD and HDV footage and an older Mac, ClipWrap has you covered.