divergent media

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Whats new in ScopeBox 4.0

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Redesigned UI

  • More room for palettes
  • Better multiwindow support

Comparison and matching tools

  • User defined color targets
  • Still store with dual source scope overlays

TimeTrace Palettes

  • Time based scope for color constancy monitoring


  • HDR grats on waveform, vectorscope, parades, histograms
  • CIE palette
  • ST2084 coverage area overlay for histgram
  • Added colorscience for P3, rec2020, rec2100
  • ST2084 zone false color overlay

Feature Insights

  • Quickly find any region of image in your scope
  • Matchback regions of scope trace to image

False color preview

  • Arri and ST2084 zones

New Device Support

  • Support for UVC devices like the AJA U-Tap, Epiphan, and more.