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ScopeBox recreates in software every major video quality assurance tool. Each of these can be arranged, resized and customized for your needs. These layouts can be saved and recalled later.

Waveform monitor showing live trace of video signal


Video levels are the key to a well exposed shot. Using a waveform allows you to be confident you're getting the most contrast and definition from the shot. It also makes setting up green screen shots a breeze. ScopeBox is an exact replica of a real waveform. You see an accurate representation of the luminance of every pixel in your video.


We all want bright vibrant colors, but unfortunately there can be too much of a good thing. A Vectorscope shows you exactly how saturated your colors are, so you'll be sure to have the brightest colors possible, without exceeding broadcast limits. Additionally, you can use the vectorscope to ensure perfect white and black balance, or to ensure the calibration of your video equipment.

Vectorscope showing chrominance data and color saturation of video signal

RGB parade showing color channel balance of live video signal

RGB Parade

The RGB Parade lets you see how each channel of your video is represented in red, green, and blue. Use the RGB Parade in conjunction with the waveform, to track down overexposed parts of your shot, and then tweak them just the right amount.

RGB Histogram

You've probably heard people go on and on about the contrast of a scene. Sometimes it can be hard to see what they're talking about. With the histogram, it's easy! You can see where your colors are concentrated within a scene - are all your reds really dark, while your greens are very bright? Do you have a nice even range of saturation, or is everything concentrated in a big lump? The histogram reveals all!

RGB histogram showing color channel balance of live video signal

Preview palette recreates all features of a produciton monitor including realtime aspect ratio masking


The Preview palette is much more than just a simple monitor. You can overlay other images, add masking, or tweak the contrast and saturation. You can even open multiple preview palettes simultaneously - use one for checking critical focus, while another gives you a complete view of your image.

YCbCr Parade

YCbCr Parade lets you see how each component of your YCbCr (YUV) video is represented.

YCbCr or YUV parade showing video channel balance of live video signal

Luma histogram show contrast and shadow or highlight clipping of live video signal

Luma Histogram

The Luma Histogram gives you a quick idea of the distribution of luma levels within your signal, so you quickly identify overexposed signals.

Channel Plot

Channel Plot lets you plot two components of your signal against each other. This lets you quickly identify excursions and other color conversion issues.

Channel plot palette showing video gamut errors

HML balance palette helps diagnose color casts in shadow or highlights regions of the video signal

HML Balance

The innovative HML Balance palette segments your signal into high, mid, and low exposure vectorscopes. Using the HML Balance palette, you can easily see a color cast in a highlight or a shadow.

Audio Meters

Nobody likes crunchy audio. Unfortunately, many cameras these days don't give you nearly enough information about the level of your audio - some won't display that information at all! With the Audio Meter, you can be sure that your audio isn't too loud or too quiet, with realtime display of the level that's being recorded. Even better, your audio operator can watch the levels that the camera is receiving, without having to bump heads with the camera operator. Peace at last!

Multichannel audio meters

Surround sound 5.1 or 7.1 audio meters

Surround Meters

Many workflows depend on 5.1 or 7.1 audio mixing, with a variety of channel layouts. The flexible surround meters palette gives you an easy view of the layout of your surround audio signal.


There are a variety of ways to feed a timecode signal into ScopeBox - a serial cable, a firewire interface, or on supported devices, via embedded HD-SDI timecode. The timecode palette gives you a large timecode clock so you can easily keep track of time for logging purposes.

Timecode readout display