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ScopeBox preview palette with live video signal


ScopeBox's video preview shows you every pixel of your image, exactly as you're shooting it. The monitor calibration ensures that the colors you see accurately represent your video as well.

Preview monitor with mask, title safe, and false color overlays


To help you frame your shot, ScopeBox includes a number of overlay features. Center marks, rule of thirds, letterbox masks, title safe and graphics safe are all available. In addition, you can overlay any QuickTime movie or image - great for framing greenscreen shots or shooting around lower 3rds and other graphics package elements. And new in ScopeBox 4, we've added false color overlays to help expose shots.

Preview monitor of live video with and wihtout LUT applied

Feature Insights

Like false color overlays on steriods, feature insights allow you to highlight the pixels in your image based on a specific luminance, chrominance, or channel range. It makes matching problem areas in your scopes back to image features dead simple.

Preview monitor of live video with and wihtout LUT applied


Most post-production workflows involve substantial color correction and image adjustment before a project is finished. For example, many productions shoot in a "log" mode which maximizes dynamic range detail - this video must be color corrected or it'll look washed out and low-contrast. The LUT support in ScopeBox allows you to quickly apply a transformation to your video signal, so you can get a sense of how your color corrected footage will look. Many cameras even include sample LUTs for doing log-to-linear conversion.