Try the PostStream Beta

We will email a beta key to the address given above. Please make sure it is entered correctly. I also give my consent to Divergent Media to be in touch with me via email for the purpose of news, updates and marketing for PostStream.

How does it work?

PostStream works by installing a number of components on your mac to mimic hardware input and output devices. To the NLEs, PostStream appears as a hardware output device. To the video conferencing apps, PostStream looks like a video camera. By connecting these various components together seamlessly, PostStream is able to send uncompressed video and audio samples directly from one app to the other, bypassing hardware interconnects or cludgy screen scraping.


We plan to continue to hone the app over the coming weeks. At the moment there are a number of known/ remaining issues to be addressed:

  • Streamline installation, setup, and diagnostics
  • Currently all PostStream interconnects are done at 1080p30 in the rec709 colorspace, add UI to customize this
  • Add custom aspect ratio padding (for clients viewing on ipads/iphones to prevent clipping)
  • Add user defined branding and watermarks
  • Create app icon, manual, etc
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Detailed directions to install PostStream can be found here.
To report bugs or file feature requests, contact us at