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Using MXF on a Mac

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Many new cameras record MXF files. MXF is an open format for recording video to file-based storage. MXF files typically combine the source audio, video and metadata into a wrapper that sits inside a folder on a memory card or hard drive. These MXF files can use many different source codecs, depending on your camera. You may encounter many different codecs inside an MXF wrapper including MPEG-2, DNxHD, H.264 and others.

But it doesn't play on my Mac!

Even though MXF files can be incredibly flexible, they can also be tricky. Most MXF files contain highly compressed source footage which can be difficult to edit or work with in visual effects and editing applications. Clips can span multiple files and folders which are hard to manage and track.

EditReady helps with MXF files

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EditReady can help you convert MXF files into a Mac-friendly QuickTime MOV files even if you haven’t preserved the original folder structure. EditReady can piece together clips that span multiple files or even cards, and either convert them or instantly rewrap them to preserve the source format.

To learn more about how EditReady works with MXF, check out our walkthrough video below. For more information about the MXF format, take a look at this Wikipedia article. To take a look at some of the many MXF cameras we support, check out our supported devices chart.