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Arri Alexa

From the manufacturer's website:

" The Arri Alexa is a film-style digital motion picture camera system made by Arri first introduced in April 2010. The camera marks Arri's first major transition into digital cinematography after smaller previous efforts such as the Arriflex D-20 and D-21. It features modularity, PL mount lenses, a Super 35 sized CMOS sensor shooting up to 2880×2160 resolution and supports uncompressed video or proprietary raw (ARRIRAW) data.

We currently only support QuickTime ProRes recording on the Alexa, but will be expanding support soon. "

This camera is also known as (or is very similar to):

  • Alexa XT


Our testing confirms that EditReady successfully converts Arri Alexa MOV footage. This means that files from the Arri Alexa can be converted and transcoded, and played in applications like Quicktime Player, iMovie, Avid, and Final Cut Pro.

EditReady works with Arri Alexa files

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EditReady works great with the video files recorded by the Arri Alexa. You can easily preview the files, edit their metadata, apply LUTs, and transcode them to formats like ProRes, DNxHD or H.264. It's the fastest and easiest way to get from capture to edit.

Supported Alexa Formats

Frame Size Framerate Supported
1920 x 1080 (All framerates / frame types)

We've done our best to include all of the formats this camera supports, but if we've missed any, please let us know.