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ScopeBox and Adobe CC 2014

Since we introduced ScopeLink in 2013, our users have come to love the simple integration with ScopeBox it provides for apps from Adobe, Apple and others. Adobe CC 2014 is a big update to the Creative Cloud suite, so we wanted to let our ScopeLink users know what to expect.

After Effects

The biggest change is to Adobe After Effects. Beginning with After Effects CC 2014, AE now supports the Adobe “transmit” plugin architecture instead of the old QuickTime architecture. This means After Effects can now output 10bit YUV and RGB to ScopeBox via ScopeLink. We’ve just released ScopeBox 3.3.9 to enable this functionality.


We’ve heard some reports from SpeedGrade CC 2014 users who are encountering green frames when using ScopeLink. We’ve investigated this issue, and it appears to be a general SpeedGrade issue, impacting any realtime output on the Macs having problems. We’re working with Adobe to resolve this issue. If you’re having problems, please let us know so we can gather more details. If you’re a SpeedGrade user and haven’t updated yet, you may want to hold out for a bit.

Premiere, Prelude, etc

All the other Adobe CC 2014 apps have been tested with ScopeBox and work without any changes.

Try it Today

If you haven’t tried ScopeBox yet, now is a great chance to check it out. There’s a free trial available, so you can test drive the full functionality. And, if you’ve got any questions, we’re always here to help.