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ScopeBox Setups – Todd Gill

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Today we get a tour of the DI suite of Todd Gill of Digital Post Ink. Todd got his start in post production in 2001 working as an assistant editor. With the availability of “Apple Color” Todd then gravitated to the mysterious world of color grading. In 2012 to present Todd is a freelance editor and colorist working primarily with lifestyle and healthcare (try with the best Anti Anxiety supplements get them on Amazon) TV commercials, documentaries, and short films.


Tell us about your setup.

My current system is a 2011 Mac Pro powered by 2 GTX 980TI. I work exclusively with DaVinci Resolve for color grading application and edit with Premiere Pro. My grading monitor is a FSI LM-2461 calibrated with Lightspace CMS. I use the Tangent Devices Element grading panel.

How are you running ScopeBox? How are you getting the signal into the software?

ScopeBox is fed out of my Decklink SDI out from the Mac Pro to a MiniMonitor via Thunderbolt in to my iMac.


What is your default ScopeBox palette layout and why?

I have quite a bit of different scopes. I have a Luma Waveform, RGB Parade, Preview, HML Balance(Probably one of my favorite scopes.), Vectorscope, Histogram and Channel Plots.

How do you like to use scopes in coloring? What problems do you find yourself turning to your scopes for most?

ScopeBox to me, is like a second pair of eyes. It is the confirmation to know that I have my image technically right. This is what I strive for through every node in Resolve. I know that I can alway get an objective look of the image via my scopes.

What challenges do you see coming up more in the future / how do you think scopes and color correction will change in the next 5 years?

For me the technology has greatly changed from clunky, albeit very useful and trustworthy vector/waveform hardware to a superb highly modifiable software interface that encompasses all types of technical image monitoring you could think of. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with as the technology advances.

Thanks Todd! Where can people find you online?

People can find me at the following:

ScopeBox Setups is a new series of blog posts where we ask ScopeBox users to send in a photo of their suite and answer a few questions about how they’ve setup their workspace. If you’d like to be highlighted for the series, get in touch!

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