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NAB 2009 wrapup (and coupon code!)

I’m a bit late in posting this, but I wanted to followup NAB 2009 with a brief wrap up. We decided not to exhibit this year, instead choosing to save the money for more directed advertising and customer outreach this coming year. This seems to be the stance of many companies as of late.
However, ClipWrap and ScopeBox did make a number of appearances at the show:

  • Roland’s booth was offering demos of ClipWrap win connection with the edirol F1, as well as ScopeBox with their soon to be released VC-50 HD-SDI to firewire converter.
  • Telestream was demoing ScopeBox with their new HD dual Pipeline encoder.
  • DDR manufacturers MCE and Citidisk were handing out promo codes for ClipWrap.

By far one of the best experiences of the week was demoing Scopebox for HD capture at the ProMax digital lounge in the Palazzo hotel. It was a great opportunity to connect with users on a slower paced, more relaxed level than the traditional trade show floor experience. I suspect as more and more of the show will move to offsite venues like this that cater to specific audiences and offer more one on one time between vendors and customers.

One last thing: at the show we extended a crazy discount to users for ScopeBox and now we’d like to make it available to everyone! Enter coupon code NAB09 on checkout between now and May 25th and receive ScopeBox HD for the price of ScopeBox SD — $399.99 (thats $300 off!).

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