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EditReady 2.0.2 released

We released EditReady 2.0.2 today, a free update for existing EditReady 2 customers. EditReady 2.0.2 makes it easier to use metadata in video overlays, and adds a number of enhancements and fixes. A full list of changes is below.

  • fixes crashes on opatom writing with bad source media
  • fixed frame ordering on retimed rewraps
  • fixes sync issues with filmic aac audio
  • add toolbar item to quickly add metadata text item to overlay
  • adds centering guides to overlay editor
  • adds keyboard positioning in overlay editor
  • adds layer ordering contextual menu to overlay editor
  • adds undo handling to overlay editor
  • bolsters security of app by sandboxing all encode / decode code

The update is available via in-app autoupdate, or by downloading here.