divergent media

Discounts, Cracks, and Resellers, oh my!

We get frequent emails from customers, or prospective customers, wondering about our policies around discounts, resellers, and other issues related to buying our software. We’d like to try to clarify things.

Educational Discounts

We’re big believers in education, and love to support students, staff, and faculty. We offer a 50% discount for educational customers and you can also save on GoPro products. To get this discount, contact us directly and we’ll generate a coupon code for you. This is the only legal, sanctioned, way to buy ScopeBox, ClipWrap and Editready at educational prices.

Volume Discounts

If you’re interested in buying 5 or more licenses of our software, for a lab or other deployment, contact us for a volume discount. Our applications are well suited to image-based deployment, and we can assist with optimizing the licensing strategy in those cases.

OEM Pricing

Because our applications are delivered as digital downloads, and come with low price points, we don’t typically do OEM or VAR pricing. However, if you’re looking at a large volume or another type of bundling opportunity, please get in touch.

Other Discounts

We know that some software companies run on an “always discounted” model, where there are constant coupon codes and special offers. With very few exceptions, we stick with our standard pricing. This is how we’re able to continue to provide upgrades, enhancements, and ongoing support.


The only approved third party reseller for ScopeBox and ClipWrap is Toolfarm. In addition, ClipWrap is also available via the Mac App Store. Any other resellers claiming to sell Divergent Media software are selling pirate or fake copies

Pirate Software

We know that there are pirated or cracked copies of our applications on the Internet. Obviously, this is an illegal way to acquire software. In addition, these copies are will be disabled by software updates. Finally, cracked software is often unstable and can result in unexpected behavior. Please don’t steal our software.