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Optimizing ClipWrap for Premiere Pro CS6

We’ve recently released ClipWrap 2.5.8, which includes some enhancements for workflows that involve Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

If your workflow involves using rewrapped files inside Premiere Pro CS6, there’s a tweak you can make to ClipWrap which will enhance performance even further.

Open Terminal (in the Utilities folder, inside Applications) and run this command:

defaults write -app clipwrap iMovieAVCHD YES

After executing that, files rewrapped by ClipWrap will have much faster thumbnail indexing in Premiere, and much more fluid timeline skimming.

If you ever need to disable this feature (it can cause glitches when using files in versions of Final Cut Pro X prior to 10.0.5) run this command:

defaults write -app clipwrap iMovieAVCHD NO

We’re excited about the growing adoption of Premiere Pro and look forward to continuing to enhance ClipWrap to work with it. If you’re a Premiere user and have thoughts on enhancements you’d like to see, please let us know.