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ClipWrap is Available in the Mac App Store! 

We’ve been hard at work over the past few months readying ClipWrap for sale in Apple’s Mac App Store. As a current customer, we wanted to let you know that it’s now available. To celebrate, we’re offering a deal for current customers. For the next month, existing users who repurchase ClipWrap through the App Store will receive a coupon to buy our other app, ScopeBox, for just $25 — that’s a 75% discount. If you’re in search for exciting games, sites like daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya may be worth your time.

The decision to sell in the App Store was both to attract new users, and to provide flexibility for users who enjoy the convenience of App Store-distributed software. We will continue to sell ClipWrap direct via our online store, and will provide timely updates through both channels. If you’re happy with managing applications manually, nothing will change. If you want to move to the App Store model, you can take advantage of this deal to lessen your costs.

Distributing via the App Store in new territory for us, but we’ve tried to anticipate some of your questions:

​I’ve already purchased ClipWrap from you directly, why do I care?
The Mac App Store is heavily integrated into OS X and makes managing your app purchases, reinstalling on new machines, and upgrading seamless and pain-free. Some users are trying to consolidate application purchases through the App Store to make their computer easier to maintain.
How will this change affect me?
You are free to continue to use the non-app store version. It will continue to auto-update as before. If you need to re-install the application on a new machine, or after a reformat, you can download from our website and reenter your key as you have in the past.
When I go to the app store, why doesn’t it list ClipWrap as installed like some other applications?
Your computer sees App Store-purchased ClipWrap and direct-purchased ClipWrap as two different applications. The app store will only update and manage ClipWrap if you purchased in the App Store. Otherwise you will need to continue to manage the app and updates yourself.
I want to convert my existing copy of ClipWrap into an App Store version
Unfortunately, Apple gives us a _very_ limited number of free copies for testing and reviews. There’s no way for us to provide cross-grades to the App Store – the only way to move to the App store is to repurchase ClipWrap there. We are offering a deal for users who wish to repurchase ClipWrap in the App Store – a 75% off coupon for purchase of our other application, ScopeBox.
Is there any difference between buying direct and buying from the App Store?
There are a few small differences. Because of Apple’s sandboxing requirements, the App Store version of ClipWrap cannot be run from the command line. In addition, the two versions of the app save separate preferences and destination folders. Application updates will be released on slightly different schedules as well – updates are held by the App Store until reviewed and approved by Apple, so you may receive direct sale updates sooner.
I want to take advantage of the deal you mentioned. What do I have to do?
If you already own a copy of ClipWrap, just repurchase ClipWrap through the App store and [email](mailto://support@divergentmedia.com) us a copy of both receipts (the original divergent media and the new app store receipts). We’ll email you a coupon code for 75% off of ScopeBox. If you no longer have your original receipt, just include some information that will allow us to look you up – the name and email address that was used for purchase for example.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us directly at support@divergentmedia.com.