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ClipWrap 2.5.2 update

We’ve just released ClipWrap 2.5.2. This update has some minor updates for a handful of Panasonic cameras, as well as graphics optimized for the new retina MacBook Pro. The full changelog is below.

This will be the last release of ClipWrap 2 with support for PowerPC. This is necessary in order to support the new security features of Mac OS X 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”). Going forward, we will continue to make 2.5.2 available, and new licenses for ClipWrap will be backwards compatible, so PowerPC users will continue to be able to use the application. If you have questions, please contact us.

New in 2.5.2

  • Support for Panasonic SD800 PSF
  • Fix for Panasonic HC-V100 hang
  • Retina Graphics
  • Additional framerate options for conform


NAB 2012

Spring is in the air – the days are growing longer, and the inbox is full of announcements from video companies. It all can mean only one thing, NAB is around the corner. We’re excited to be attending and exhibiting at NAB2012, all signs point to it being a great year. We’ll be in south lower (Booth SL14010) showing off the newest versions of ScopeBox and ClipWrap.

ClipWrap Events General ScopeBox

ClipWrap 2.5 update

We released ClipWrap 2.5 today.

Improvements include:

  • Adds framerate conforming – enable this feature in the preferences menu to retime footage for slow motion effects
  • Concurrent batch support – convert multiple batches simultaneously, with different output destinations. Use the “New Window” option (under the File menu) to start a new batch
  • Now supports dragging files to the Dock icon
  • Adds Sony XDCam EX and Sony XDCam HD transcode targets
  • Now embeds XMP location metadata for use with Adobe products


ClipWrap iMovie ’11 Secrets

With the recent release of ClipWrap 2.4.8, we’ve included some secret functionality for folks using ClipWrap with iMovie ’11. It’s experimental at this point, but allows for some pretty cool workflows. Read on for details.


ClipWrap 2.4.8 update

We released ClipWrap 2.4.8 today.

Improvements include:

  • Fixes bug in AF-100 timecode
  • Short clips have smaller filesizes
  • Better support for very long (multi-span) clips
  • Updated manual

You can grab it from our Trial page or via in app autoupdate.


Interframe Compression

In our last post, we covered intraframe compression – easy to edit, high quality, and inexpensive to implement. It sounded dreamy. But there are some issues.

Let’s say you want to implement a tape-based HD acquisition format. The world already knows and loves cheap and cheerful miniDV tapes. Why not just put HD on those? Well, HD is more than four times the number of pixels, so we need to run the tape four times faster. Suddenly your 60 minute tape is only good for about 12 minutes. Even worse, you need to engineer motors, write heads, and lots of other bits that work reliably at four times the speed. And you need to hope that those miniDV tapes won’t spontaneously combust. Clearly, this will not do.

ClipWrap ScopeBox

Intraframe Compression

Serious video compression is a mix of math, science, and black arts. Discussion of the many esoteric features of modern compression technology is well beyond the scope of this blog, and is better dealt with by folks like Jason Garrett-Glaser. However, there are a couple bits of terminology we want to review so that we can better discuss workflow and post production technologies. In this post, we’re going to discuss intraframe compression. In the next post, we’ll cover its controversial brother, interframe compression.


ClipWrap 2.4.7

We’ve released ClipWrap 2.4.7 today.

The primary enhancement in this release is support for the 25p and 30p modes in the Panasonic DMC-GH2 with the version 1.1 firmware.

With this update, users of the GH2 will be able to generate native progressive files from the “psf” stream recorded by the camera.

Additionally, this release resolves an issue with very short file names (1-2 characters), and improves support for AVCHD files which don’t begin with an I-frame.

ClipWrap 2.4.7 is available for download now from the trial page.


Testing ClipWrap

Testing an application like ClipWrap can be complicated. There are thousands of combinations of cameras, computers and editing applications that need to be taken into account. It’s a complicated process, and we’re looking for your help to make it even better.


Announcing ClipWrap 2.4.6

We released ClipWrap 2.4.6 today.

Improvements include:

  • Fixes issue which affected file creation/modification times
  • Increases reliability of transcodes on machines with Perian codecs installed
  • Enhances support for DNxHD 24p transcodes
  • Increases stability in large conversion batches (100+ files)
  • Fixes issue with PowerPC audio conversion