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Announcing ScopeBox 3.3 – now with Support for After Effects and Premiere Pro

Today we’re happy to release ScopeBox 3.3. The feature list for this release is small, but we we’re so eager to get this one feature into the wild that we didn’t want to stall it while we finish the other things we had planned. We call it ScopeLink, and it promises to drastically lower the costs for high end scopes yet again.

ScopeLink is a new technology allowing ScopeBox to monitor the output of compatible third party applications running on the same computer. Until now, software based scopes required a second computer and capture device when users wanted to monitor the output of their editing or compositing software. With the introduction of ScopeLink, users can directly connect ScopeBox to the timeline output of Adobe AfterEffects, Premiere Pro, or Prelude. Now the power of ScopeBox’s first class monitoring toolset is available to editors finishing in Premiere Pro, and After Effects artists creating broadcast legal compositions.

To try out ScopeLink, look under the source menu in ScopeBox 3.3. You’ll find a new option, ScopeLink. The first time you choose this, you’ll be prompted to install the components necessary for third party support. This will require admin authentication. Once these are installed, you can setup you host of choice by following the directions in chapter 21 of the manual.

Version 3.3 adds support for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Prelude monitoring. More supported hosts will be added in coming releases. We’ll be listening to user feedback about what hosts to support next.

Full changelist for ScopeBox 3.3:

  • Adds ScopeLink for software-based monitoring
  • Stability improvements for very long records
  • Support for 32x32x32 LUTs
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