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Announcing EditReady 1.3

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.07.49 PMWe’re excited to announce EditReady 1.3. EditReady 1.3 is a major update, which adds a number of exciting features and improves performance. It is recommended for all users. This release adds a number of features to streamline proxy media workflows. The biggest change in this release is the introduction of additional batch options for processing. These allow you to do things like adjust your frame size, or customize the H.264 conversion settings. We’ve also cleaned up the interface and improved the display of progress information. The full changes are listed below. If you haven’t yet tried EditReady, get the free trial today.

  • “Additional Batch Options” setting, allowing for frame size adjustment, h.264 settings, as well as LUT and framerate controls.
  • Support for LUTs and scaling on older Macs
  • Improved accuracy for AVCHD timecode
  • Improved support for 1080p30 video on Mac Pros running Yosemite
  • More robust support for 1D LUTs
  • Fix for spanning with HDV media captured on Firestore DDRs
  • Increased stability
  • Enhanced command line interface
  • Better naming when using the “auto increment” setting
  • Support for passthrough with h.265 media (passthrough movs will only play in players with HEVC codec support)
  • Better performance when using EditReady on Mac OS X 10.8
  • Better support for Macs with Radeon 4850 graphics cards
  • Lower memory utilization
  • Simplified interface
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