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Download a free limited trial of EditReady and try it out with your own files.

You'll be able to convert the first minute of each clip in your batch. If you are happy, you can purchase a key to unlock EditReady for full use. If you need help installing, visit our installation instructions. You may also view or download the user manual.

EditReady 2.0.2Download Now

EditReady 2.0.2 makes it easier to use metadata in video overlays, and adds a number of enhancements and fixes. A full list of changes is below.

  • fixes crashes on opatom writing with bad source media
  • fixed frame ordering on retimed rewraps
  • fixes sync issues with filmic aac audio
  • add toolbar item to quickly add metadata text item to overlay
  • adds centering guides to overlay editor
  • adds keyboard positioning in overlay editor
  • adds layer ordering contextual menu to overlay editor
  • adds undo handling to overlay editor
  • bolsters security of app by sandboxing all encode / decode code

EditReady 2.0.2 (38.1 mb)

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.

Older Versions

If you're an existing customer who needs to download an older copy of EditReady.

EditReady 1.4.9Download Now
EditReady 1.4.9 is the most recent version of EditReady for customers with a 1.0 license. To upgrade to EditReady 2.0, check out our online store.

EditReady 1.4.9 (38.1 mb)

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.