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  • Quickly transcode any MXF, MTS (AVCHD), M2T (HDV), or QuickTime (MOV) file to an edit-ready format like Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD
  • Simple settings - EditReady does the hard work for you
  • Apply LUTs for color correction
  • View and Edit Metadata
  • Support for all the popular editing formats (ProRes, DNxHD, etc) and non-linear editors (Final Cut Pro, FCPX, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie)

View and Edit Metadata

EditReady allows you to view and edit all of the metadata contained within your file - this may include location data, camera settings, and diagnostic information. You can even use metadata to automatically rename files.

Really Fast.

EditReady is designed to use all the power available on a modern mac. It can even leverage the power of your graphics card for fast image processing.

Conversion Time (shorter is better)
Media Encoder

Pro Formats

EdtReady is designed with video professionals in mind. Rather than overwhelming you with hundreds of choices you'll never use, EditReady is tailored to the formats you use every day - convert any MXF, M2T (HDV), MTS (AVCHD), or QuickTime to ProRes, DNxHD and H.264.

MOV, MXF, AVCHD, HDV and more

Whether you're working with MXF from a camera like the Samsung NX1 (H.265), Canon C300 or Sony F5 or FS7 (XAVC), an AVCHD camera like a Panasonic HDC-TM900 or Sony NX5U, an HDV camera like a Sony HVR-Z7U, or an MP4 camera like a GoPro HERO4 or Canon 5d Mark III, EditReady has you covered.

Convert between DNxHD and ProRes

Perhaps your project started life in Final Cut Pro, but will be finishing life in Avid. EditReady lets you easily move between these popular mezzanine formats.

Preview and Playback

Mac users know that just viewing clips with QuickTime X isn't always as easy as we'd like. EditReady provides a simple player to view your content, even if it's in a legacy format.

Native Apple ProRes

Many other transcoding apps on the market use a reverse engineered implementation of Apple ProRes. By leveraging the official Apple version, EditReady avoids compatibility issues.

Multiple Batches

You can run simultaneous batches within the EditReady interface, allowing you to simultaneously generate proxy media and online material, or convert footage from different cameras.

Free Download

Download a free limited trial of EditReady and try it out with your own QuickTime files.

You'll be able to convert the first minute of each clip in your batch. If you are happy, you can purchase a key to unlock EditReady for full use. If you need help installing, visit our installation instructions. You may also view or download the user manual.

EditReady 1.4.1Download Now

EditReady 1.4.1 improves stability and resolves minor issues. A full changelog is available below.

  • Support for splitting spanned AVCHD clips
  • Fix for decoding 8-bit footage from the Canon XC10
  • Better handling for Sony SRCam footage

EditReady 1.4.1 (34.2 mb)

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher.


Introduction to EditReady

Advanced Workflows

Working with MXF

We're here to help, and have a wide variety of resources to assist with using EditReady. Many questions are answered in our user manual (also available from the "help" menu of the application) or in the frequently asked questions below. If you need a bit more support, you can email support@divergentmedia.com or file a support request.

Which formats does EditReady support?

EditReady aims to support any file in a QuickTime or MXF wrapper - files with an .MXF .MOV, .MP4, and .M4V extension (excluding encrypted files). That includes ProRes, DNxHD, DVCProHD, H.264, Apple Intermediate, and more.

If you have problems with a particular clip and would like us to take a look, just highlight the clip in EditReady and choose "submit selected" from the "Help" menu.

Does EditReady support MXF files?

Yes we do! We added support for MXF as a free upgrade in EditReady 1.1. Get in touch if you have specific questions about MXF.

Do I need EditReady or ClipWrap?

EditReady supports all of the formats that ClipWrap supports, plus all the modern formats like MOV, MXF, and MP4. If you've got Mac OS X 10.8 or later, EditReady is all you need. We continue to support and maintain ClipWrap for users with older versions of Mac OS X. If you've got AVCHD and HDV footage and an older Mac, ClipWrap has you covered.

What are the system requirements for EditReady?

EditReady works on any Mac running Mac OS X 10.8 or later. If available, EditReady takes advantage of hardware H.264 encode/decode functionality (this includes most modern Macs).